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lunes, 13 de mayo de 2013

Un tour exclusivo de la prisión más famosa en la tierra Read more:

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This single airstrip on the southwestern edge of Cuba is one of the only ways into Guantanamo Bay Naval Base.The detention camp was opened in 2002 to hold captives from America's War On Terror. Images of prisoners in orange jumpsuits from the temporary facility at Camp X-Ray are what most people picture when they think of Guantanamo. Parts of Camp Delta too have been abandoned, like this area still housing a rusty exercise machine. They will remain untouched as possible evidence for investigations of wrongdoing.Camp Delta gave way to Guantanamo's newest facilities, Camp V and Camp VI, where the majority of detainees are housed today.Camp Delta succeeded X-Ray as a more long-term place to hold up to 612 detainees.

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